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2022 Bomber Field Scale Shootout


2nd Annual RC Scale competition

  • Top Gun rules and categories will be used for judging

  • Current AMA required for all pilots

  • Pilot entry fee is $40 for unlimited class entries

  • Covered observation deck for spectators

  • Concessions available

  • On site camping available

  • RV spaces available

  • Covered pit tables with power.

  • Spectators $5 per person, children 12 and under are free!

For more information contact:

Constantin De Bock : 281-601-7805

Or use the contact form below

All registered pilots will receive a coupon to attend the Friday night BBQ dinner with the exception of the EDF class, for this class the dinner will be 20 dollar due to the reduced entry fee, the dinner ticket can be added when registering.

If pilots register for a second class, there will be a 50 dollar discount by entering the coupon code "MULTICLASS" at checkout.

​Definition of classes

  • Expert Class:

    • The builder is also the pilot.  Aircraft is built from available plans or kit. In addition to flight judging, all aircraft will be static judged against provided documentation.

  • Team scale Class:

    • The builder and designated pilot do not have to be the same person.  Aircraft is built from plans, kit, or self-designed. In addition to flight judging, aircraft will be static judged against provided documentation.

  • Pro and sport class:

    • This class is divided in propeller and jet aircraft.  To be eligible for sport class you cannot have finished in the top 3 of the sport class for more than 2 years.  The winner of sport class will automatically move to the pro class the next year. Aircraft in these classes will be judged on flight and need to provide proof the paint scheme existed with a picture or rendering to receive 25 points.  If no proof of paint scheme is provided you will not receive the 25 points.  No static judging will be preformed beyond this.

  • Helicopter class​

    • will use slightly modified AMA 518 rules​

    • class will be static and flight judged

  • Foam EDF Class:

    • Must be a foamy EDF - no turbines

    • can be flown in original "factory" paint scheme or a custom one

    • will be judged on flight only

Contact Constantin:

Thanks for submitting!

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