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Membership Information




Membership Options



Member will not be required to participate in site work crew efforts



Member must live more than 100 miles from the flying site.



Member must be age 18 years or younger.

For new members, the club dues are prorated to 50% after June 30th.  After September 30th, the dues are 100% but the membership is valid until the end of the next year.  Members may renew for the next year any time after September 30th of the current year.  

All club members must be current members of the 
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  All club members must observe and obey all AMA Rules and the rules of the Bomber Field RC Club.

Club Meetings

Bomber Field RC Club meetings are generally held on the first Sunday of each month starting at 1:00 pm.  Meetings are held at the Bomber Field Flying Site.  Occasionally, meeting times or places are changed, generally due to event scheduling.  These changes are noted on the website or members are notified by email. Check the home page calendar for the next meeting.

Club Officers

Official Role          Member Name               Phone #                 Email Address                                

President              Barry Rayborn           713-826-4256

Vice President      Wally Warren              281-794-0947

Secretary              Mike McCormick          320-219-9782

Treasurer             Constantin De Bock    281-601-7805

Safety Officer      Bob brubaker             979-236-2546

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